What is the difference between the block editor and the classic editor within Elementor?

This post will be created using the Gutenberg block editor. I think it might just be better than the Classic WordPress editor.

The 2 WordPress editors have unique interfaces. There is the classic WordPress editor and the Gutenberg block editor. I have been using the classic editor because I can see all the controls and thought that was better. Now I am giving the block editor a try. Ideally, I would like to be able to switch back and forth from Elementor’s post editing to WordPress. This does not work well with the classic editor.

The WordPress block editor is also referred to as the Gutenberg editor. There are controls that show above each block that you click on. Clicking on the post tab to the right allows the option to set a featured image as well as other options like setting up categories and tags. Everything in the Gutenberg block editor is about blocks. Blocks are content in all forms. A paragraph is a block. Headings and pictures and other media placed inside the editor are also considered to be blocks. When you see a plus sign you can click on it to see more options. There are a lot of elements you can add to your pages with all the options found within the WordPress block editor.

WordPress Block Editor
Plus sign in WordPress block editor

The plus sign at the top left of the block editor will open up a panel with blocks and patterns you may choose to add to your post.

Gutenberg editor left panel
panel with blocks and patterns to be used in the WordPress block editor

It appears as though you can create a beautiful responsive site using this block editor. Because I am using a theme that is designed to work with Elementor I am limited to only having access to a limited layout plan. I am unable to add space above the blog title. The title is too close to the top of the page for my liking. It would be nice if I could add space easily. This is where selecting a theme with the style I prefer would come in handy. Rather than experiment with different themes, I will stick to using Elementor to edit my posts.